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If you can't find a day or time you are looking for,

please text me at:


Evenings and weekends available 😃

* If you need to cancel your appointment, I ask for a 24 hour notice *
** No shows and late cancellations will be charged a $20 minimum**

**Please see my full policies on my Instagram Page**


Please let me know, to ensure enough time is reserved.

Most nail art designs takes an additional 30-60 minutes on top of your regular nail service.

Nail Art is NOT included in nail service times or prices 

You can text me pics of your nail art ideas for consideration.

Otherwise I cannot guarantee sufficient time to create your requests.

~~My Aerovex Air Purifier is always on and cleaning our breathing space~~

1.Please Do Not Arrive Early for your appointment.  
 * However, if you are more than 10 minutes late, 

your services may be altered to fit the remaining time or cancelled.
2.No Extra People allowed during your service. 
 * Only clients receiving services allowed in the salon.
 * If you do not have childcare arranged, you will need to reschedule.
3.You Must Wash/Sanitize Your Hands before the start of your service. 
 * This is the most important thing all of us must do.
4.You Must Wear A Mask or Face Covering. 😷
 * Masks must be worn while inside the building and during your service
5.You must reschedule your appt if you are not feeling 100%
 * If you arrive for your appt with signs of a cold, your appt will be cancelled.

My Private Nail Room is Upstairs in the Mezzanine

   * An ADA compliant room is available on the main floor of the salon

   * You MUST contact me directly to book this option as I need extra time for setup.

Thank You

Design Nails by Heather

511 Main Street, La Crosse

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Please Select a Service

Mani Pedi Combo Service



Nail Enhancements (Acrylic or Hard Gel)

ProRx Nails (Full Coverage Soft Gel Nails)

Men's Nail Services

Extra Nail Services

Cancellation Policy

-When you arrive for your appointment, feel free to come upstairs.

-If you need to cancel your nail appointment, I ask for a 24 hour notice.

-No Shows and Late Cancels will be charged a minimum $20 or half the service cost

-You can cancel directly by calling or texting 608-797-1587.

-I understand that life happens, accidents and illness happen, or emergencies occur.  I do my best to accommodate these rare occasions.

-If you are 10 minutes late for your appt, it may be altered to fit the time remaining, or cancelled.

**MY NAIL ROOM IS UPSTAIRS in the Mezzanine.**
If you cannot make it up the stairs, we have an ADA compliant room on the main floor.
YOU MUST contact me directly to book this option as I need extra time for setup.**

Thank You and Be Well!